Why the Aussie heart party? Answer – because we had to do something in response to one of this nation’s worst ever human rights violations– because we were shamed into it and because it’s time to restore pride in the way our country operates. We must, because right now we have politicians trashing ours, our children’s and our grandchildren’s reputations.

We are a great country and it’s time to get the pride back.



“I’m just an ordinary dad, I’m not a politician. I’m just beyond disappointed beyond measure in our leadership and I have had enough of kids in detention. I’m simply not putting up with it any more. If they want to abuse children, allow women in their care to be raped and men to be bashed, then they can do it – they just can’t do it with my consent.

I am fed up watching Australia drift to the right and our politicians falling prey to bigotry. What’s happening here politically is not nice and as a father I just can’t continue to do nothing about it.

My campaign began after a 23-year-old man called Omid Masoumali set himself alight on Nauru on 27th April, followed days later by 21-year-old woman, Hodan Yasir on 2nd May. He died in agony days after reportedly waiting over 8 hours for Morphine pain relief. Hodan Yasir, shockingly burned, survived.

I am a defence lawyer by trade, I have made a career of fighting for justice and I know that even convicted murderers facing life sentences don’t set themselves alight in protest at their conditions. How bad must captivity be offshore for these extreme sacrifices to occur? Why has our government provided for up to two years’ jail under s42 Border Force Act 2015 for workers in the centres to talk about what’s really going on there?

I had been whingeing about offshore detention for some years, increasingly disillusioned and increasingly disgusted at what I heard and read about it. Still I did nothing.

On a Saturday morning In early May 2016, shortly after the self immolations and driving home from taking my 12-year-old son to soccer we were discussing the news. He asked me what could be done about people burning themselves to death and my reply, almost before I could think about it, was “nothing really” …. I was going to add some platitudes about an uncaring government, but at that moment I turned and saw the look on my son’s face. It was a look of shock and surprise, almost like- “What do you mean you can’t do anything?…You’re my dad…”

Well, he didn’t know it at the time but that look struck home hard – I had never seen my son look at me with disbelief before. It was as if he had seen me as the apathetic middle aged man I was for the very first time. That look was a humbling experience for me. It hurt.

As I drove homeward I began to consider this… How could I teach my son to stand up for what is right when I was not prepared to do so myself?

And so I came home from that drive and told my wife I was going to run for parliament. This was ony six or seven weeks before the election…Crazy idea right?

Her comment? –  “About time – you’ve been whingeing about it long enough”

And now you know the truth, namely that I started this campaign because I’ve been shamed into it by a 12 year old…

Not pretty is it?

Subsequently, I ran unsuccessfully for the Senate as an independent candidate and will be again running at the next election, only this time I want to run as part of a political party “Aussie Heart”. It is hoped we can do this Australia wide because I know there is no way our politicians will stop abusing people until it hurts them at the ballot.

With respect, I am no starry eyed tree hugging hippie. I’m not saying let all refugees in blindly. I’m not even saying you can’t imprison people while security concerns are sorted out – community safety is a vitally important issue that must be addressed – but what I am saying is that we have got to process people quickly and humanely. Is that so much to ask for from an advanced, wonderful and civilised country like our own?

Importantly, it is my firm belief that kids do not belong behind razor wire – not ever.  

Only a few months ago, when it was revealed that children were being bashed, tear gassed and abused at the Don Dale youth detention Centre in Darwin – within 24-hour’s the Prime Minister declared a royal commission.

Yet the government has known now for many years that men are being bashed, one to death on Manus Island, women raped and men women and children physically mentally and sexually abused. The evidence is overwhelming and shocking and yet news of it is suppressed. These people, women, children – they have been locked up for no crime whatsoever – in some cases for up to 4 years.

It is a national disgrace.

The government has done this by misinforming people and outright lying – the techniques are basic Goebbels 101 – declare legal asylum seekers to be illegal immigrants (a lie – its lawful both under international law and Australia’s Migration Act), collapse the two concepts in the minds of the community, (say over and over that refugees are the same as illegal immigrants), repeatedly reinforce border protection concerns in the context of the war against terrorism and your result? – The whole of Australia up in arms about a few thousand poor souls just trying to keep themselves and their families alive.

Listen carefully next time you see the Prime Minister or Minister for immigration on TV talking about refugees. They will almost invariably ALSO start talking about “national security”, “border protection”, “terrorism” and the like. What the hey has this got to do with a few sad souls in offshore detention? Frightened people are easily deceived. Our politicians intend us to be scared and it has worked – now we repeatedly see references to” terrorists” in social media commentary. Almost everyone now believes refugees are “illegal” and yet this is a big bold deliberate LIE.

This propaganda goes on at the same time that we let in 190,000 migrants a year without comment. About 6000 refugees per year are a drop in the ocean. We are being conned! Not one boat person has ever been convicted of a domestic terrorist act and yet hundreds of women a year are beaten to death in domestic violence incidents in our suburbs. How then can the government responsibly justify playing the national security / national and border protection card against refugees?

Then there’s the financial waste – cruelty is hideously expensive – I cannot believe that our government has got us forking out $1 billion per annum in taxes to pay for the abuse of these people… A fair dinkum cruelty tax!

We degrade and humiliate them to the point that their only option is to set themselves on fire…and 5 (yeah…five!) have done so since the 2013 election! Then people comment that “they” must be weird in the head and dangerous sorts of people to do something like that… and jeez, lucky we’ve got them locked upI

I  actually had someone tell me that it wasn’t such a big deal these people setting themselves alight because they are the of the sort of people who blow themselves up anyway…namely refugees are terrorists…

What the government’s propaganda – and that’s what it is – what their propaganda achieves is a dehumanising and demonising of fellow human beings. These are not terrorists for goodness sake, rather they are escaping war terrorism and roughly 90% after processing are screened in as legitimate refugees.

My beautiful country what are we doing here?

Our political leaders are competing lavishly for the moral basement in this. 

Here’s a fun fact – They are spending more than $1 billion a year of our taxes putting refugees and jobs offshore – Yep that’s between $400,000 – $500,000 a year for each refugee.

Meanwhile we could spend that money on trifles ….you know, fripperies like education, health or even welfare! We have pensioners in Australia eating dog food. I reckon $1billion buys an awful lot of dog food.

Cruelty is expensive and politicians don’t give a damn because it buys them votes – your money doesn’t matter – nor does your kids reputation, nor does this nation’s reputation. What matters and the only thing that can be counted on to the matter for them is their votes.

To our major political parties only their jobs, only their power matters.

Well I say other things really do matter, people matter, dignity matters, our national reputation matters, our children’s reputation matters. We are better than what is being dished up to attract the vote of a misled and misinformed minority.

The average Aussie is basically a decent person – even the loudest supporters of what’s going on offshore wouldn’t buy it if the real position was known to them. Who proudly supports child abuse? No wonder it is all covered up.

Our politicians well know what they are doing and more shame on them.

My good mate Ed Szerwinski, one of the toughest men you will ever meet, was wounded in action as a Sergeant and acting Platoon commander with the Royal Australian regiment in Vietnam. Ed reckons he wasn’t fighting so politicians could be running around here setting up prison camps for women and children. Unsurprisingly, he isn’t the only Vietnam vet that thinks that way either.

This isn’t even a political issue or a left wing issue. It’s a moral one. It’s about the soul of our country. This issue is this generations “stolen generation”. 

Our politicians have totally lost their way and that’s why we need the Aussie heart party. What kind of legacy are we going to leave our children? We can’t leave this to the politicians because bashing refugees is political gold. It gets votes. Even someone like Nick Xenophon won’t take a stand on this. Why? Because they all benefit from it!

It is the swinging voters that lose or win elections and it is the swinging voter they so willingly sell their souls for.

John Howard discovered back in 2001 at the time of the Tampa “crisis” that bashing refugees got votes. Those with long memories would remember he was going to lose that election and in between the Tampa, his linking of refugees to terrorism, and the 9/11 tragedy – all happening in the short weeks before the election, he got up and won the unwinnable. The dark Genie of crass political opportunism – the politics of fear was let out of the bottle.

Since then, they – all the major parties and players, have fallen in love with refugee bashing for votes and so they continue the abuse and misinformation – in our name.

It is being done for nothing more than votes – to suggest that a few thousand souls fleeing for their lives are a threat to this country’s national security is utterly ludicrous, but as the Nazi propagandist Goebbels stated, if you repeat a lie often enough people will swallow it.

They are writing checks with our country’s reputation that our children are going to have to cash and will continue to be paying off for generations.

Here’s a future prediction that was recently posted on the asylum seeker resource Centre website – that in 20 or so years time, the Prime Minister of Australia will give a speech apologising on behalf of this nation to the men women and children it has brutalised off shore and the untold damage that this caused..

Watch for it.

In November 2015 Australia was criticised for its human rights record by – wait for it – that giant of modern human rights, North Korea. True! We have sunk so low that we are being criticised even by them!

This shameful chapter ends when good people – the average Aussie – you and me – the silent majority –refuse to stay silent any longer. Enough really is enough. For me it’s simple – I love my country too much to remain silent on this issue any more.

Join me in telling our leaders – “You want to abuse people with our money? No thanks you don’t – not in our name!” I am sick of being ashamed at the way out of country is operating. I am sick of waiting for our politicians to do something.  I know they won’t and so we must.

That’s it really. If you agree, please share this website with your friends. Please visit the “Aussie Heart” Facebook page and like it – It’s the only way I can get the message out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

Yours – Adam”


We have run as the Aussie Heart party for a simple reason – running independent candidates under the current system means they are invisible. An independent candidate’s name is listed “below the line” and at the very end of a metre long ballot paper. People simply can’t find you even if they want to vote for you. 

As a party one can run above the line, one can put one’s party allegiance on the ballot paper and one thus ceases to be invisible. You can be seen- literally- and people know what you’re about.

Both major parties have decided that refugees were not going to be an election issue needing our consideration – this was very kind of them. Since they are both committed to brutalising the men women and children held in offshore detention they consider we – the ordinary voter – doesn’t need to worry themselves about it.

Neither major party is willing to do the right thing by refugees because each is scared at losing voters – not losing us, for they rely on our misconception and fear to keep us voting as we always do, but losing the small percentage of voters that now own the debate. This works only once they have conned and misled the majority of us into being fearful of the few thousand lost souls held hostage offshore. Shame on them.

We change this by the simple mechanism of protest voting and one of the major functions of the Aussie Heart party will be to inform the Australian electorate in what a protest vote is and how to use it.

This ends when we hurt them in the only place that that seems to work for our political leaders – the ballot box. 

 The Aussie heart party is not standing so that we can form  government. We are not trying to be an alternative to other parties. We are offering the Australian people the option of ending this national disgrace. 

Change can be acheived without even changing one’s political allegiance.

By protest voting in the upper house one can still keep one’s allegiance to whatever party one favours (by voting for them in the lower house) – if you normally vote labour you stay labour in the lower house but protest in the Senate. Government is formed/won/lost by whoever wins the majority in the lower house. Protest votes are therefore made in the Senate. In this way a smart voter gets to vote more than once in one ballot – both to protest and also for the ordinary party of choice. (see the section on protest voting under the “Our Campaign” drop box)

The only way this can end is if we hit them at the ballot box – there is no other way because they are getting votes from their cruelty. They have no shame and they do not care.

The plan is to run again in 2019 or whenever the next election is called and to campaign all the way. I’m hoping that other people in Australia care enough to join up and that we can run candidates in every state. If not then we shall run in SA alone.

The Green party which to their credit has been the only political party to stand up on this issue gets only about 7% to 8% of the vote. They simply don’t have enough numbers on their own to win this.

Many labour liberal national and in XT voters will not vote Green – they are the voters the Aussie heart party want. We want them to protest vote for us all without changing their basic party allegiance. They still get to vote for whichever party they like – but by protest voting they get the opportunity to stand up for what is right and end the disgrace, in the torture – and the UN has declared it to the torture – the ongoing abuse of these poor souls.

Q- What does it take?  Ans – A clever voter and a protest vote.

Q- What does it cost?  Ans – Nothing – you still vote your favourite party – in the House of Representatives – just like always.

The only thing that changes is the shame to our name.