Spirited no more… What’s in a name?

The Aussie heart party was originally named the “Spirit of Australia Party” and launched on 17 July 2016 under that name. When we started the “Spirit of Australia Party” we checked the register of Australian political parties and were delighted that the name was not in use. The “Spirit of Australia Party” has however morphed to become the “Aussie Heart” party. The reason for this is simple – although no other political party in Australia is registered under the name “Spirit of Australia Party” we later found out that there is an aboriginal activist group that formed a party by the same name with the aim of promoting constitutional change and aiming on getting registered for the 2016 election.


They did this before us. They were there first. To get registered with the Australian electoral commission you need a minimum 500 members and it seems they fell short. That doesn’t mean they are not planning on going on with it.  We could have raced to get registered before them… Thereby claiming the name – but that’s not how we will be operating. We won’t be running a political party dedicated to “a fair go for all” by stealing someone else’s name. By polling some of the original members we’ve come up with Aussie heart – it’s catchy and it sums up what were about rather nicely.


Welcome to the Aussie heart party – the real spirit of Australia is a fair go for all! 

For people who join the Aussie heart party the party seal – stamped on your party membership Along with the our basic policies, Is the original seal in the name “Spirit of Australia Party”. The reason for this is simple – it’s a reminder to all members that we intend to operate with integrity. The concept of a fair go starts at home and we take it seriously. Much of our campaign has been run on Facebook. Consistent with that, the Facebook page – “Spirit of Australia Party” is posted no more and people linking in there Our directed to the Aussie heart Facebook site and from there to this website


Please visit and like/ share the Aussie Heart Facebook site. 


Cheers, Aussie Heart !